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March 12, 2019


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My sister and brothers were into rock climbing for a while. I've never been. And I think, a little sadly, at this point maybe I never will. I feel much less flexible these days, especially after last year's hernia surgery. I've had five c-sections as well and my middle section doesn't feel so very strong anymore.I just feel like there are some things one doesn't try for the first time ever in middle age. I'll probably never try skiing either. But I suppose it's something to look forward to in heaven? Further up and further in.

Knitting, on the other hand, seems to me eminently something that I might take up any day now if I could only find the time...

This is cool! I love when people find new hobbies they love. My husband is just now, at 50, taking his first guitar lessons. He's in the difficult part right now, feeling uneducated and like he'll never figure it out, but he will. It's fun to witness. :)

rock climbing intrigues me, now even more so.

I have been wall climbing exactly once and I was surprised by how much of a core workout it is without putting too much pressure on my stretched-out abs.

My oldest did rock climbing team when he was 8 or 9. It lasts 6 months so they get a lot of instruction over the months and the one thing that sticks with me is they always told the kids to let their bones do the work and let the muscles relax. I took one class before babies and my friend who was belaying me, dropped me, and I have been fat ever since having kids, so while I would like to try again, I have not.

I'm terrified of heights but love that you're doing this.

Are you referencing Ozzy in the title?

My husband was a pretty serious rick climber back in the day. He's always told me that it's not about upper body strength -- which I totally understand logically, but to which I always reply, "That's because you HAVE some." His strength-to-weight ratio is also WAY different from mine. He's overpowered, for his size. (If you've ever read the Miles Vorkosigan books...yeah.) . But that's what appeals to him about climbing. He's not a big man; he's a little wiry guy. What he loves -- and what he excelled at -- is the brain aspect of climbing.

I've been rappelling exactly once -- the day he proposed to me. =)

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