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January 01, 2019


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I think it's salt or baking soda (or of course sand when you have it) that you're supposed to use as a dry extinguisher (when you don't want to use water, like with an oil fire). Things that don't combust. What I remember from first aid classes is that one SHOULD NOT use certain things - like flour - because as flammable powders they can explode while on fire, which would be even more excitement than you had!

I had to read your first paragraph a few times, because starting a fire in your mother's fireplace sounded very cozy, but it seemed like something was off... and I finally realized I was seeing "oven" but translating it to the word I knew should be there :) rather than reading the plain English in front of me.

The first day I cooked in my new oven (because my old one died the Monday before Thanksgiving grump grump) I had a pie that overflowed into the bottom. I knew the berry pie would do that, and was ready for *that* pie, but the apple had never let me down before. Argh. And this time, the berry had no trouble, of course.

So glad for your car blessings - it's amazing how good health or a working car is so much more obviously a blessing once it's in doubt, or gone, even temporarily :) I imagine the groceries I grumble about lugging home over and over again are the same type of invisible blessing.

Yep, the kitchen powder with which to smother a small fire is salt. Slightly larger fires can be smothered with monoammonium phosphate, which is conveniently sold in pressurized containers for this purpose.

Flour is still an explosion hazard for grease fires: the explosion happens when the airborne dust above the fire ignites.

I didn't know about your car trouble! Glad you had a good outcome. It was great to see you all.

I’m glad you all made it home safe and sound. Welcome, 2019.

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