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January 08, 2019


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But I always worry it could turn out less like your fridge and more like your van door, where the fix is worse than the "not so bad." That's why I tend to live with the small broken-ness that I know, rather than trying a fix that might break it further.

Somehow this reminds me of an A. E. Stallings poem, After a Greek Proverb: "Nothing is more permanent than the temporary . . ."


About half of my life is "not so bad." I know I'd feel better if I tackled them one by one, but inertia is powerful.

Sounds familiar. The call to schedule a repair is often more painful that the actual repair. Our landlord has a Sears warranty that she has authorized me to call when we have minor appliance problems, but the phone call inevitably takes longer than it should. We've also had a minorly annoying running toilet - that ended up requiring four trips to the hardware store to fix. Fortunately, my husband is handy with plumbing and works for adulation. He never did fix the broken window in the bathroom though (only one pane of the double-paned window was damaged by an angry teen, who was financially responsible for the repair). It wasn't until company was coming that I finally took the window out and took it to a glass shop myself. It was one of the happier trips to a repair place - first the guy knocked off $15 for a cash payment, and then, after I told him that my son was responsible for paying, he showed me how easy it was to take out the window unit, clean it with denatured alcohol and replace with a silicone seal. Even though he took the time to give me a lesson in window glass replacement, he knocked off another $15 since he wasn't doing all the labor. I need to write him a glowing yelp review.

I had not read this paper, and it is wonderful. And I think the thing I like most about it is its title. Thank you for showing it to me!

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