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January 04, 2019


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I can offer no help, because everything I’ve read about bullet journaling makes my head spin. I look forward to your reports from the bullet-strewn field.

Keep it simple. Bullet journal joy blog has some good beginner tips. Do what YOU want, not what you think should be done. I use washi tape when it makes me happy. I keep mine in a pouch, in a drawer with my pens and templates and ruler. Sometimes it's elaborate, sometimes its a scribbled page, but it goes in the index anyway. I almost always use future log, annual calendar in the front, 2 page monthly spread, monthly goals and daily pages which vary a lot. Project pages are helpful sometimes. Sometimes it's random writing. I like using my bullet journal and have used 6 in the past few years.

I admired the wire storage rings made specifically for washi tape, but I'm cheap so I straightened out the non-hook part of a wire hanger so there was a catch at the end and strung my tape on it, then hung it up. Works great.

If you want to get discouraged, don't search for #bulletjournal on instagram. Some people really like their bullet journals.

I too am in love with washi tape and an aspiring bullet-journaler. I actually began last year but over recent months have lost momentum. I want to regain it in the new year—but I've also lost my washi tape, and without it, what really is the point??

Oh my!
I got a bit obsessed with washi tape before Christmas and used it for embellishments on presents and for making cards. And then someone else mentioned bullet journalling and I thought it might help me be more focused. So I too have a Leuchtturm notebook and a new fountain pen and I'm giving it a go. I didn't realise I could combine the two though!
Although most of the BuJo washi tapes 'hacks' I've seen (just now, googling) are more about the pretty than the useful.

My bullet journal is of the very simple variety. I did use colored pencils last week to help clarify the columns when I made a chart of the 14 weeks of summer 2019 and who is scheduled for what. Somehow none of the kids is free for more than 6 weeks. I have never had summer figured out this soon. Not really due to the bullet journal but more the realization that a person who signs up for state park spots in August gets the spot she wants and summer camps aren't completely full in January.

Anyway, long time, no read.

ooh, I can still comment on this one.

The oven fire situation sounded funny, but the broken car one did not! I'm glad it was a simple and straightforward solution!

As for this post... I'm DYING to know that you think of the BuJo. I've already seen the photos of the storage system for the washi tape. Are you blogging nearly every day now? Delightful! Only I need to catch up! ;-)

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