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December 07, 2018


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I. Love. Messiah. So so so glad people get together to do it imperfectly!! I sang it for 4 yrs in college in a practiced, performing way, and then once in a community chorus, and every other year whenever I can find a sing. I took my two big girls to a sing this past weekend (along with my 4mo baby) and we had a blast. Messiah is one of those things one cannot do alone - I can hear the multiple parts in my head, but can only sing one at a time..... And it's the way I hear most of those verses now. Sigh! Such good music. The 4mo approved - especially of the Hallelujah Chorus - she was startling and wiggling and gasping and grinning surprised-ly.

That sounds absolutely fantastic. I would love to do something like this.

They do one in my city, too, and I've never gone. Really would love to. Maybe next year!

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