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November 02, 2018


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(Also -- YAY! YOU GOT THE THING DONE! As a fellow academic, I salute you.)

Hooray!!! I love being in the space where you I have done all I can do.

Phew. Congratulations on getting to this point in your career! But what a relief to be on this side of the process. Very freeing to have it out of your hands ... time for deep breathing, prayers of gratitude, and simply *being* in November, moving towards Advent.

Good luck!

Good luck!

You got this!

G is on the rank and tenure committee this year (and last and next). He doesn't (can't) say much but he says it's interesting. They're already meeting at the college level.

His dean told him a long time ago that the ones that need to worry never do, and the ones that worry don't need to. Here's to unnecessary worry. Like you said, nothing you can do now but wait for the good news!!

Cheers! What a feeling: To have done all you could possibly do, to the best of your ability. Congratulations, already, for that achievement!

Yay! Congrats! Here is a small, silly snippet from our school's evaluation processes: somewhere in the Document that we all read obsessively since it tells us That Which Our Files Must Contain is something about inserting Every Page of our Files in PLASTIC SLEEVES. I rebelled and still got tenured, but (as I now serve on our department's evaluation committee) I can attest that some poor souls still do this. So-a small thing to be grateful for not having had to worry about...?!

Sigh... neat! I will never get to do this, unless some ridiculous (and stressful, but wonderful) twist of fate throws a tt job my way, but I have followed my husband along through his process and it's been a while even. I hope and trust everything will go well, I think this has nothing to do with luck! ;-P

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