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November 21, 2018


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Cranberries bring the greatest variation to the Thanksgiving table. I am fond of my mother’s recipe which has you boil cranberries, water and sugar, mash. And then add chopped walnuts and celery with a little gelatin. It is crunchy, delicious and has the sourness of cranberries in a palatable form. It also is terrific with vanilla ice cream.

Have a good holiday.

Yes, everyone in my family is very attached to their dishes-of-Thanksgivings-past. Our solution is to keep adding things--especially pies! This year, we have five (my mother-in-law brings pumpkin and apple, and I made lemon raisin, pecan, and chocolate mousse--last year, I kept it to 4 by making a chocolate bourbon pecan pie, but I like straight-up pecan, and the kids rebelled at there being nothing chocolate. Hence the fifth). So we get to eat pie all weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

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