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November 04, 2018


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Canada still denies permanent residency to people based on their health/ability. I had to do a blood test and x-ray to prove I didn't have TB and/or HIV as part of my application. I remember a heart-breaking story a few years ago where a family from the States moved to a small town, started a lodge/hotel, the business was booming and adding jobs to an area that needed more businesses, and they were denied permanent residency because their daughter was disabled. It's not the exact same issue as in the States, but it's a similar mentality and it infuriates me. Thank you for being a voice for vulnerable people.

Thank you for bringing this up again. I read about it, got angry, and then kind of forgot. Now I've submitted a public comment and will continue following.

It's terrifying, really ... this slow unfurling of the new era fascism ... the methodical step by step attacks on a whole range of persons ... the relentless escalation. The insidiousness of it all: chaos on the surface, providing a veil for the shrewdly calculated steps that are being taken.

Breathe Pray and stand strong against them; thank you for writing. We can't stay silent.

Thank you for troglodytocracy, my new favorite word, and for the full information. I knew this was an issue but I didn't know the details. I'll add to the public comments. (And yes to Penelope--that the daily outrage from surface chaos covers up so much awfulness is truly terrifying.)

This was not on my radar, at all, so thank you for this.

I'm in a monthly class at work on Catholic Social Teaching. It's really quite informative and eye-opening. The thing is, I think, that most people don't hear ANY of this stuff at church. Not from the pastors, not from their fellow parishioners, not from their kids' teachers. Why is that? If you ask our theology profs, part of it is that the priests are afraid the donations will dry up if they start getting into this stuff.

Whatever the reason, people need to hear about it somehow so I feel like your parish blog must be doing some great things.

Thank you for laying this out so beautifully! I keep thinking about the 1832 New Poor Law England passed--their version of welfare reform--which did away with "out door relief" (cash payments) and required people who needed help to enter workhouses, which separated men and women and so broke up families, including elderly married couples. Many people preferred to starve.

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