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November 07, 2018


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Same at our school, sort of. The school isn't really in a place where a TON of people could walk, but there's an increase in the number of people who either walk their kids into school OR stop in the dropoff line to watch their child walk all the way to the door (maybe 30 yards). Even my kids are like "What do these parents think is going to happen to their kids between the cars and the door?" We have no teachers outside, but there are a pair of 6th grader "safety patrollers" who could conceivably run for help if something were to happen.

My kids' elementary school required parents to walk them to the office if you missed the car ride line drop-off. They closed the drop-off line five minutes before the bell. You were not allowed to pull forward and drop them at the sidewalk by the front door. Oh no, too dangerous. You had to pull into the parking lot, get out of the car, and walk them into the office, but you didn't have to sign them in because they weren't late, you see?

It was the stupidest thing. I feel like it was more a desire for parental punishment for daring to run close to the bell rather than concern for safety that drove the policy. Because what a parent who is running late really needs is a further 5-10 minute delay.

Back when Miriel was a (fifth grade) safety patrol, the PRINCIPAL complained that I sent her little brother walking to school with her instead of driving him later. Nope.

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