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November 01, 2018


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Looking forward to a month of posts.

Best wishes on the faith blogging, looking forward to reading. And, yay November. :-)

Fortunately, mostly dead is not all dead. Mad Max said so. I am glad that as a Catholic, you have a healthy respect for tradition and will continue to honor the Feast of NaBloPoMo!! I can only wish there were more of you still observing the feast, but I'll be grateful for whatever I can get.

I'm always up for parenting or food posts, funny/geeky jokes or anecdotes involving your household, or stuff about teaching. I'm neither a knitter nor a runner, but I still read most of those anyway.

Knitting for sure. Music, especially old camp songs and the like. (I still only need to see your blog layout to hum "dip,dip,and swing..") All the stuff other people said.


SUPER excited and looking forward to this month!! Maybe I'll blog a few days a week too.

Ooh, maybe this is novemeber thing is hidden in my brain somewhere, and that's why today my brain decided it must write a blog post, despite having mostly failed at that pursuit for the last two or even three years.

I enjoy most all of your posts, even the ones I don't totally understand! I will be reading with interest.

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