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November 03, 2018


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My basal cell carcinoma on my nose has been gone for a year and a half. It really was NOT a big deal (not much worse than your biopsy.) I am praying for you-know-who with the melanoma.

Very grateful for my good health insurance (via ssi due to brain tumor related disability) such that it is easy for me to make appointments for these sorts of exams. So far so good in terms of assorted cancers.

God is with us everywhere and always. So easy to see in the bright places, so important to remember in the darkness.

I think I may have a carcinoma on my nose right now as we speak, and I'm a couple of years late to go to the dermatologist. I went to one, two years in a row and they actually biopsied a mole on my back (negative), but this thing on my nose grows, like a scab, then falls/peels off and begins to grow again. It's a bit stress-inducing. My dad has had several carcinomas removed from his face. He's pretty much 100% German and got tons of sun in Brazil. I've had many catastrophic sunburns growing up. Sigh... I need to go to the dermatologist. I've been saying to people jokingly that if I actually do have skin cancer on my nose that I'll try to get a nose job too. ;-)

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