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November 05, 2018


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Of course people are being radicalized. Of course people are feeling inspired and empowered.

We humans inspire each other *every single day*. ... We invoke joy and love in one another's hearts; we are fully capable of inspiring fear and anger and rage and terror as well.

With our spoken and written words, with our art, our stories of triumph and disaster; with our actions and shared dreams .... We inspire one another. For good and for evil purposes; in love and in hate.

The administration is profoundly dangerous. It must be stopped.

Thank you for speaking up.

I can not understand these people that are so filled with hate. I really can't.

There's too much US and THEM and not enough getting to know others that are different from US. I don't know how to go about making that better but I want to be better about these things.

and now this rhetoric of hatred has spilled down South to Brazil. It's so so sad! :-(

I am cautiously optimistic about the outcomes of this election. (In the back of my mind -- "Okay, good, now don't mess it up!") But I hear you about this radicalization. It's subtle.

We've cut ties with a cousin because her husband keeps posting, among the flat earth and anti-vaxxer crap, about how the Rothschilds rule us all. We quizzed the cousin on whether or not she supported his views on that and her response was "I just ignore it and keep scrolling. You should too!" We reported it to facebook. It's still up. Apparently that doesn't count as hate speech?

Her response is almost worse than the post itself. That's how we get in trouble.

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