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October 02, 2018


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It was obvious you were passionate about the project, and I was curious to see how it would unfold. I didn’t see the comment in question, but I hope it doesn’t keep you from doing what you need to do.

(Frets terribly that the rogue commentator was me.)

I would be delighted to read more of your writings on faith.

I’m glad Elwood is okay now.

I would read your musings anywhere. I'm glad Elwood is okay and I'm really hoping we can all avoid that post-zombie apocalypse scenario. :)

I would love to be able to read your writings on your faith journey.

I'm so sorry you had an unpleasant commentor experience. After bloggling for, lol nigh on thirteen years, phew. Sometimes it gets dicey. (I've shifted blog homes a couple of times, myself, when pesky people just would not go away).

Dislocated fingers — yeeouchie!

PS what I meant was: me. I have blogged for thirteen years ... if my early hours' grammar wasn't clear.

I can't say that I really know you, although I have been reading your blog for years now, and I'd love to read your musings on faith (or family, or whatever). Glad the finger is back to normal!

My husband dislocated his finger in a bike accident in July. It was dislocated front to back and side to side. (wanna see his x-rays? He shows them to everyone, whether they want to see them or not.) He then tried to do his own PT (again with needing training and licensure and such) and the thing swelled up like a bowling pin. I hope your husband does not do that, but I have a feeling he may try, based on his attempts at re-locating the finger.

I went to go post on your missing post and it was GONE. I didn't see it as "BEHOLD" but more as "hey I get to do this cool thing and maybe make some changes at my church" which I am jealous of in a "our parish is old and not willing to try ANYTHING new and also your pastor listens?" sort of way.

I would love to read anything you write on faith!

I would love to read ANYTHING you write, as others have said :) Was so sad to have missed the post, and kicking myself for not having just gotten your posts emailed to me already, so at least I could have read it before it got taken down :) I think of you as a combination of someone-further-on-the-journey, kid-raising-wise (my oldest is 15, and you parent, and inspire me to parent, as I want to have parented), and someone-who-took-the-other-road (I got my PhD while my 1st and 2nd were young, but then just dropped out of academe and started homeschooling instead - your journey allows me a bit of a peek into what-might-have-been).

Me, too, with wanting to read your other writing. I’ve been reading for years and never commenting, because I don’t have a blog, but I do have 7 homeschooled kids (12 down to 1–the 1 & 3 year olds aren’t technically doing “school”) and I’m frequently reading while nursing or something.

(As an aside, I think the post I think about most often is one you wrote some years ago about your son’s voice deepening because of the lengthening of his larynx. It was an awesome and strikingly beautiful image... my oldest (twin girls) just turned 12 and are mere millimeters away from being taller than I am.)

(Also, my husband is in linguistics; I can’t tell exactly what your field is, but it obviously has linguistic connections.)

So: can I read, too? Please?

I'm in the camp of never commenting but I have been reading and enjoying your blog for years! I homeschooled and then had to go back to work so I enjoy your perspective as an employed mother with a large(ish) family. You have created a wonderful family culture with your children. I would love to read your writing elsewhere.

I would love to read anything you write. Anywhere, on any topic. I don't promise to agree with you, but I promise not to attack YOU, although I might attack your premises or reasoning.

I love your writing and your perspective on things, especially motherhood and faith. I will read anything you write.

I'd be interested in reading what you put together at your other site. I think you will do a good job of addressing the issues you spoke of, treading lightly and with grace in areas where your views may differ from those of fellow parishioner, while still providing a thorough and thoughtful treatment. I feel like I can make that prediction because you do a good job of that here (where you don't even have to!!) so you'll be a natural there.

I would also love to read what you have to write.

Oh wow... so many lurkers (most longtime readers) coming out of the woodwork! ;-) I missed your post, but its title remained in my blogroll for a day and I was kind of sad it wasn't there. I thought it was funny that Jody would think it might be she who wrote the bad comment. I miss her blog. I'm jealous she reads yours, but not mine. Sigh... That's an awful awful thing to say, but it's the truth.

In any case, you know I'd want to read anything you write. I really hope we can meet in person someday. I appreciate so much being your friend.

I would really love to read more about your faith-related project. I do so enjoy your writing!

I've almost contacted you directly so many times since discovering your blog this summer! I'm a mama to one toddler, live in the far northern Chicago burbs, and am in the process of finishing my PhD, so I love hearing what life is like for a Catholic mother in academia. I'm sure I'd enjoy hearing about your new project too. :)

Glad to here Elwood's finger is sorted out!

I'll happily read anything you write about anything (parenting, food, academia, knitting, you name it) -- but especially topics on faith.

Do you know me, at least a little bit, on the internet? Because I love reading your writing about faith. I was all set to comment on your original post but then it was gone.

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