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October 16, 2018


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Yes. I have no will for anything these days. I don't even listen to Trump anymore because I know it will just be more lies.

No desire to self-medicate as I see nothing to soothe. Just a void.

This presidency has actually given me mild anxiety. And I don't even live in the States anymore. I try to step back from the news and I'm successful for periods and it does help, but there's no way to keep it from rushing back.

Different archos, similar feelings... but here are two thoughts:
A. I think this is somewhat more morally justifiable than the opposite reaction, which I have also experienced: I will make my house and my life and my garden PERFECT (according to my low standards) and ignore the world outside my doorstep.
B. There are periods when you lie fallow. They're not that fun, and you don't get the high of efficiency and accomplishment, but they're going to happen regardless and allow for the subsequent fruitful periods.



Yes! And I've been self-medicating by donating to political campaigns! :)

I can’t even begin to describe how much me too.

I'm getting my steps in by knocking doors to GOTV.

My husband has been in a non weight-bearing status for 6 weeks due to a knee injury and so all the chores are mine now and I do not like that but I was coping pretty well for 4 of those weeks and now I just give up.

But knocking doors gives me a good deal of satisfaction on the political side of my life.

yay, comments still open! I read this the other day, and left it open here... and now I get to comment that I'm suffering from the same condition, maybe worse even.

Good thing is that I GET TO VOTE!!! YAY!! But I haven't been "moved" enough to try to go canvassing or to donate to candidates and such. I donate TONS, but it's for church and charity. sigh... anyway, yeah, I hear you friend. Thanks for posting this.

For me, the longer he is in office, the more egregious actions his administration takes, the more horrific it all becomes ... the stronger I feel.

I belive in truth, beauty, and justice. I believe in love, hope, and charity. I believe that with faith in God and love in our hearts we can and we will overcome the powers of darkness.

It won't happen in a day. But it will happen. It can't happen without hard work. But we can do it. With ready wills and steadfast hearts, Light will rise. It will.

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