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August 21, 2018


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Toast. And LOTS of butter.
Hugs to you, my friend.

Lots of love to you. I'm in denial today that it's possible for my kids to ever get bigger than they are.

My oldest moves out next Thursday.

High fives, followed by hugs, to you.

I've never been able to find an attribution for this, but supposedly there's a Scottish blessing that goes something like this:

"Praise for tea and buttered toast,
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost."

Praise indeed, for the toast and all it stands for. Wishing you tea and toast in abundance.

Oof. It seems like the reminders of time's passing are everywhere these days! I have seven years until mine start leaving home. It sounds like a long time until I think of the quiet dinners. Thinking of you.

Hugs to you. I’m glad to know people who have ventured out on these paths unknown, because the thought of that road ahead of me is very frightening. He’s going to be well and all will be well.

Hugs! I realized my big girl was halfway through PreK-12 yesterday and couldn’t believe how the years had flown. I love the toast story!

Love to you!

Awww. Best wishes to all of you! ...My family also has a joke about toast: one year, when my younger brother was small, we celebrated New Year's Eve, getting noisemakers and sparkling grape juice and such. Well, midnight came, we clinked glasses, my mom probably kissed us all...but when, soon after, we went to go to bed, my brother started crying and protested, "But we didn't have toast!" Apparently, earlier in the evening, the way we'd talked about our glass-clinking plans had been a little misleading.

Jamie, thank you for writing this post. It captures my feelings completely. My second moved out last month and we are now a couple alone. It's surprising how these milestones are so often tinged with a bit of grief for what was.

Hugs to you. The first week was the hardest.

Just adding to the hugs for you here.

Oh yes, more hugs!

Oh my dear!! First, I'm so delighted that while I was away (and gone from the computer, hence blogs) for almost a month, you wrote only two posts. How scary it must have been the eye thing! ;-(

And now your third son leaving. Many hugs. Such a beautiful post too! LOVELY LOVELY! I wish I could write like that. So inspiring. I cannot think of my sons leaving. Sigh... I don't want to start crying now. The last two nights I read an old journal from 2004 and marveled at the things I wrote about Kelvin and also newborn Linton. I couldn't resist commenting about some of it yesterday while the boys have breakfast even though I'm not allowed to talk to the boys in the morning (my husband's orders) lest I make them late.

Anyway... thanks for sharing!

Oh boy. Eye trauma, or near-trauma, and children leaving home. Hugs you, dear Jamie.

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