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August 08, 2018


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Oh, I'm glad it was not "maybe going blind". Eye stuff is so scary.

A colorful story! Glad for a quiet resolution without eye worms.

Did he warn you that having a vitreous detachment in one eye makes it very likely that you will also have one in the other eye? Mine were about a year apart. It took about 5 years for all the symptoms to totally vanish.

Phew, really glad you went in. Eye things are nothing to sneeze at ... hoping for a swift and boring recovery!

Gratitude for good health! God bless you, Jamie!

Eeek, one of those stories where I had to skip to the end to make sure it didn't have an awful ending before I read the middle.

I'm glad it seems to be relatively benign!

Very glad you went in, and also glad there were no eye worms. Prayers for a smooth resolution.

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