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July 11, 2018


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I think I told you this two years ago, but G did the EXACT SAME THING with the worrying. His dean told him later "I don't know why you worried. Actually, I do. The ones that don't need to worry, worry excessively. The ones that need to, never do."

I'm confident you're in the "worrying even though you don't have to" pile. And maybe those sending "artifacts" like meeting agendas (?!) are trying to cover up their lack of actual Good Stuff.

And I am sure they really do appreciate your conciseness. I would; wouldn't you? :)

Yay! That is awesome!! You will be absolutely fine :)

The people in charge of this stuff have no reason to be coy; it’s not the plot of a 19th century romance. If they went out of their way to praise you for your conciseness, believe them.

How did you handle the college-application process as your kids went through it? You never mentioned going crazy that I can remember, but I’m finding it very challenging to stay calm, and for the exact reasons you’re listing here. “Everyone else is doing so much more; what if I’m failing my kids?!”

Are their calming skills you acquired during that process that you can deploy on your own behalf now?

Argh! Phone typing and autocorrect.

ARE THERE. (Face palm)

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