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July 03, 2018


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Please tell me more!!! We don't usually separate early, but this next weekend my husband is planning to take all the kids (including the newly-minted 2yo, who is not quite weaned, but can go a day or two without remembering to nurse to sleep even with me, and often goes to sleep with Dad or an older sister) to his parents' house 4hrs away, to go to their fair with them. I as a 36.5 wk pregnant mother do NOT want to go that far from my midwife and my bed, let alone do all that time in the car and then at the fair, so I'm staying and doing school planning and down time (and listening to the sounds of silence - HUZZAH for an empty house!!!!). We've both been wondering a little how the littlest guy will take it, but I figured it would be fine for one night.... but now the trip sounds like 2 nights, and then I read this..... I don't want to throw my well-adjusted roll-with-the-punches cheerful little guy off his game permanently! AUGH!

Oh, I don't think I would worry about that! He can get to sleep without you; he can call or Skype if he misses you; there will be lots of people he loves and other distractions.

Interesting discussion. I would also question the "being away from mother as a toddler" as the cause of adult depression.

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