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July 08, 2018


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1. I love your blog

2. I think in addition to Nestle and Abbott Labs it’s entirely correct for US representatives to the World Health assembly to be feeling really really guilty right now.

3. I’m definitely calling my representatives tomorrow as you suggest, thank you.

1. I love your blog

2. I think that along with Nestle and Abbott Labs executives it is entirely appropriate for US representatives to the World Health Assembly to be feeling very very guilty right now.

3. I will call my reps tomorrow, as you suggest, thank you.

I saw this report and knew you were going to have Things To Say.

Thanks for suggestions about what to say to my Representatives (who will not care, but will get the call anyway).

Just wondering what other factors could be at play other than lobbying by formula makers . . .

A breast-feeding mother will by necessity be with her child more than a formula fed infant. Would every workplace need to make more accommodations for the lactating mother in terms of clean, private, guaranteed break rooms? Longer maternity leaves?

As a public school employee I see the rush to get involved with kids as young as possible. Our district currently has a grant for a 0-5 program, for example. Certainly, a child less physically dependent on his mother is easier to separate from her.

So I also suspect lobbying by the National Education Association.

Just some thoughts.

YIKES, Marcie, lobbying by the education association? WOW, this would be outrageous.

I HAD to read the article even if it's one of 5 that I can read a month. I was SO UPSET! Thanks for writing about it! I like what you wrote here: "It's astonishing, even here in the post-astonishment era." Indeed!!

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