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July 05, 2018


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We drove today as well. I actually fell asleep for a while. I drifted awake only to see ominous clouds ahead. I don't care for driving or riding in storms either. Thankfully. we were almost to our destination. I'm glad you are home. We are down the road from you for a couple days visiting family in the capital city near you. Waving in your general direction...

I can relate to this fear SO MUCH. Pray for my 75-yr-old parents, and my hubs and me. We're both driving half the distance between our houses, to pick up our kids who've been with them for a week. It's supposed to rain (hopefully just a little, not major storms). I hate thinking of them on the roads when it's sunny, much less stormy.

Glad you made it safely home, both times!!

yikes! We've already experienced driving through quite a few horribly bad storms this summer and it mostly was my 16 year old driving! I'm glad he's been doing such a wonderful job as a driver.

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