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July 10, 2018


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Do you think it's the organization or the location? My sons didn't get far in scouts because within six months of their joining cub scouts the local scouting authorities noticed we hadn't signed the "we reject gays" agreement and we were all kicked out. So no camping for us.

But back in MY youth in Texas I was a girl scout who went backpacking with a troop a lot, and it was more like your sons seen to expect. However a couple of times we went to a cabin type thing for a week and they had more rules, so I figured it went with the location. It may be that the leaders of Stella's troop do not like roughing it much.

My youngest is recently back from a week at Girl Scout camp. She had to take two towels. The packing list said "a small pillow" but she didn't take one (she doesn't use a pillow at home anyway). I filled out a health history form back when we paid, but not a Counselor Questionnaire. There was a lice check and she would have been sent home if they'd found any.

I have a copy of the 1952 Girl Scout Handbook. Their section on camping and being outdoors makes me insanely jealous of yesteryear. Girl scouting in the 1990s was a disappointment. Makes me think if I have a girl, I'll have to take matters into my own hands and organize our own troop.

Tay is going to overnight Cub Scout camp for the first time this year. They have the bug spray/sun screen requirement but not the towel. I think I'll likely miss him like crazy.

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