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July 18, 2018


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The NYT Opinion page seems to give away the game -- the corporate ownership has different political and ideological loyalties than some readers would like to believe.

Do you think the editors didn't know about this guy's troublesome affiliations? I don't. I think they knew and do not care, or even actively welcome this kind of participation in the marketplace.

Sigh. The world is so depressing sometimes.

You should send this to the NYT ombudsman or public editor. Tweet up in their grill.

YES, Send it to them!! Right now! (maybe you already did).

I think Jody is right, though, I'm very cynical too. NOW, that doesn't mean you should still say something! Write a public post on facebook and let people repost it... I would!

In any case, OUTRAGEOUS like so much stuff these days. :-(

I did send it to them!

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