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June 25, 2018


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Anybody else do a double take after the phrase “smote weeds?” Just me? Allright...

I don’t know. Think locally, maybe? Help people register and get to the polls? You’re a prof, does the student body have difficulties turning out?

I recently learned that the number of refugees coming to our area has dropped so low due to the administration’s policies that Catholic Charities of our area has had to stop their refugee resettlement program. (Lutheran Social Services still has enough to keep going. People who come here are still being helped.)

Next year I am leading 2-3 homeschoolers through high school civics. I have the schedule of readings from the text and all that laid out. I still have to do the work necessary to frame, to myself, what the point is.

Anger is better than despair, but focused anger (in which you see a thing that needs changing and force it a little bit, or more, along the path) is better than incoherent lashing out at All The Things, which is what they are trying to create in us.

Perhaps it isn’t the right *amount* of anger but the right *kind?* Limited not in intensity but in scope? A slow burn that leaves room for peace because you know you are doing your part?

bearing, I also did a double take at that phrase.

Jamie, I will purchase "Vote like a Vengeful Valkyrie" buttons, badges, and bumper stickers for all of my friends and trust you to funnel the profits appropriately. When will you be opening your pop-up shop?

I, too, have so much anger -- and lots of frustration about how to direct it so that it actually does something useful. Living out of the country makes it even harder. I can vote, I can donate, but I can't knock on doors. Apparently Democrats Abroad does phone banking which I'm looking into. Even so, that seems like so, so little when considering what's going on.

*bemused* seriously read that as 'smoked weed with Pete' ...

I think we all can work for justice, truth, peace, and love every day. It will look different depending on one's abilities and proclivities ... But for us all to rise up and refuse is a powerful thing ... Refusing to walk in ignorance, refusing to be cowed by fear, refusing to allow the powers of darkness to prevail ... Every single day is another opportunity to love and to walk the righteous path. Be angry! Be outraged — and use it! Use the energy to promote peace in your heart, your home, your parish, your place of work, your community, your blog etc etc.

Apply to foster some separated child. That's the right amount of angry.

They need to get back to their OWN parents.

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