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June 23, 2018


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OH AND ALSO: the productivity surge is less important the outrage ebb. My angry-ometer is down, way down. I am not mad at any random strangers I'll never meet because they forgot their wives' birthdays. I did not read any tweets about what Melania's jacket did or didn't mean, and I'm good with that. Nothing bad has happened as a result of getting my news from the NYT rather than Twitter.

I had to step back from social media this week, too -- I have even cut out most news for now. Wednesday was just so awful. There has been no productivity surge -- I feel like I have to fully reset before that could happen - but yeah, the constant anger and torment in the background of my daily life has started to melt away.I definitely need this mental health break!

I'm thinking I need to take Twitter off my phone (again). It's easy to get caught up in stupid internet fights. For me, it's more a tool of despair versus anger these days, but that's just my reaction to outright hostility. Also, what social ills have been resolved from my obsessive feed-checking well past my bedtime? Not a thing.

On the other hand, I really like how that platform gives voice to underrepresented groups and gets results in situations where issues may have been swept under the rug. In a world where I don't know if my crap senator's office ever actually tallies what's left on their voicemail, it's a democratic process I can get behind. It is often uncivil, uncouth, and unorthodox, but damn if it's not effective.

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