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June 09, 2018


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This is why I never want to get a house, so I can put off trying to figure these things out. Growing up, my dad just...did these things. My husband (or myself, for that matter) did not grow up on a farm or join the Seabees. That's a knowledge gap that won't close any time soon.

Good luck? The planner in me suggests you reach out to your local planning/development department and explain your predicament. They may be able to steer you towards a more reputable contractor.

I am fortunate in that this crap falls to my husband (lucky him). I share your distaste for slimy salespeople and rude people in my house.

I've had good luck finding decent contractors (I find them, he calls them) on either NextDoor.com or the facebook page for the town. You typically have to wade through a bunch of "call my brother-in-law/dad/husband/cousin -- he does this kind of work!" which is not helpful, but usually you get at least a handful of actual decent recommendations to start calling. And maybe some people PMing you of who to stay away from. :)

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