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May 27, 2018


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It is beautiful! And it looks great on you!

Also, you will be so ready for World Turtle Day next year.

Oh it's really lovely. Good for you for finishing! I have a knitted coat I worked on for the longest time (longest.time) before tucking it away in a basket .... maybe one day I'll get it out again. Maybe.

We've got a similar heatwave running here, will be 100F or close to, today. Whee.

That is indeed a fabulous sweater.

It's gorgeous. Congratulations on finishing it.

It looks great! Also, "Laceweight Alpaca" sounds like a good title for a They Might Be Giants album or something.

that is just gorgeous. perfect. wow.

Love the sleeves!

That it just the prettiest.

And I agree with Kellie. I would totally by that album.

(I would put it on my shelf next to my debut album by my imaginary band, the one I'm starting at my school someday: the Spurious Diphthongs.)

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