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May 25, 2018


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Elwood would like to clarify that he regards changing a bike tire as a Level 2 life skill, not Level 1.

I'd say, depends how often and how far one rides said bike. (How likely are we to get stranded somewhere unworkable?)

Maybe that's because I have no idea how to change a bike tire (although I make a mean scrambled egg).

Bummer about the blown pump hose and ensuing confusion.

I think that changing a bike tire belongs in a special category of things that are always harder than you expected. I have a terrible time getting the bead of the tire around the rim and I always seem to chew through a couple of those plastic bike tire levers in the process. (But I learned the hard way that using a sturdier lever screws up the rim of the wheel.) Plus there's the chance of catching the inner tube between the tire and the rim so that it busts when you inflate it, which alerts everyone within earshot that you screwed up and get to try again. I don't know that I've ever changed a bike tire without profanity.

We used to live in an older house where a previous owner had gotten about half of the electrical wiring upgraded, so when I'd go to replace a dodgy light switch or outlet I had a 50/50 chance of discovering it connected to ancient and terrible cloth-insulated wire and in a junction box that was too small for the new switch. I new the right response to this was to have the entire house rewired, but I wasn't willing to let a $1 improvement turn into a $5000 contracting project. That's also in the category of "I didn't expect this to be so hard."

I don't know about your French Snow Eggs but then I try to avoid adventures on an empty stomach, which is when I cook.

Also I misspelled "knew."

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