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May 29, 2018


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Interesting.... I do fine with the usual amount of numbing stuff, but it takes longer to kick in on me than they expect (I'm blue-eyed brunette, dunno what that makes me genetically). I had to get cut ligaments and blood vessels fixed in a finger when I was pregnant, and they gave me a nerve block just for that arm, but were about to put me under because it ... still... wasn't ... numb (and I'm lying there, praying it numb because I really didn't want to deal with general anesthesia) but it finally numbed up, and stayed numb way longer than the minimum window I was given. Same with lidocaine for teeth. So if I get a dentist who just keeps giving me more because "you should be numb by now", I eventually (as I'm almost ready to walk out the door, really) lose feeling in half my face - so pleasant. Guess I should give my new dentist a heads-up when I find one....

Isn't it weird how people who aren't *you* seem to think that since you don't follow their numbers on a paper (or a screen) that it's probably all in your head? (only tangentially related, have you seen any of the info about the documentary movie Mother May I about obstetric violence and consent in childbirth?)

Yes yes me too with the red hair and difficulty getting completely numb during dental work!

(Also, me too with the dental work — extraction tomorrow, oh my)

Dental work triggers major anxiety here. I do numb quickly - and with very little medicine. And the numbness will spread for hours and last for at least five hours. Interestingly, I also can be legally drunk with about a half a light beer.

Best wishes for a painless extraction, Penelope!

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