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May 24, 2018


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Oh my goodness. What a terrifying experience for all of you. I am so glad she got down safely. I'm sure your calmness meant the world to her as she was trying to get down the tree. And I hope you had a nice, big ice cream yourself afterwards. If it were me I'd probably pour a shot kirsch over it.

I love how you encouraged her that she could "absolutely do this." She gained a big dose of self-confidence today that will last her a lifetime. (and whew!!)

I would have totally called the fire department. Good job on staying calm and working through it!

I fell 25+ feet from a tree when I was finishing 5th grade. Memorial Day wknd IIRC! I broke my shoulder but I could have died, for real. I landed in soft ground THIS close to a flagstone pathway. I was very lucky, as is Stella. I'm so glad she made it down alright.

You are an amazing, amazing parent.

Also, my hands are sweaty and my stomach in knots just reading about it.

So very glad Stella is all right. So very glad her awesome brother came so calmly and competently to her rescue. So glad all was well, and in the end ice-creamy.

I am soooo glad she is OK.

Thanks, you guys!

Sarah, I only thought about calling the fire department after the fact. In the moment it seemed very clear to me that I should just help her calm down. I think the FD would have had a tough time getting to her, and since the issue was mostly fear I wonder if it would have been amplified by emergency services folks on the scene.

Karen, that's terrifying! Glad you are here to tell the story.

Oh my goodness!!

So glad all are OK. You done good.

Wow. How terrifying. I'm glad it came out all right in the end.

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