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May 02, 2018


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Very happy you got through your hard month! For me it's May, and of course it's just beginning. Weather-wise, my spring flower baskets are already parched because it's getting up to 80 in the afternoons. Work-wise it's planning and attending our twice-annual sales meeting in early June. Kid-wise it's an 8th grade graduation plus grandparents' day plus piano contests and Drama club plays etc etc. I am longingly looking forward to the "done and dusted" feelings you're having!

I'd picture "done and dusted" as more a building of a house or a piece of furniture, so when you finish the actual construction, it's still not absolutely finished until you clean up the debris. Kind of like my homemade clothing often has a hard time getting the last bits of inside finishing work done because I'm so beyond done before they are.... "Done and the seams pinked!" "Done and woven in?" Of course, the one kid sweater (with stripes) I made has all the ends still out because the recipient REALLY wanted fringe, and wouldn't let me do any more weaving in once she realized what I was doing :)

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