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April 18, 2018


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Hahahahahaha! You found the lost 18th egg trying to hide this year’s 24th?! How crazy is that!!!??

Thanks for the story. I was writing a (local, tiny) grant proposal last week and also a joint proposal for good measure. It was pretty stressful, but can’t compare to your experience!

From one exhausted academic to another: Best of luck, and energy. Take care.

And... lo these many weeks ago, I lost a bag of frozen blueberries.

Today, in a dark corner in the sofa's recesses, I found it.

It was rigid with fermentation gases, its seal had leaked, and as for its content, let us draw a veil of merciful silence.

All my empathy!

Haha! Be-fowled! Good one! RIP, bass case. (I hope it has been buried.)

Apparently that was a REALLY GOOD hiding place!

This year, I whipped out Ye Olde Cell Phone and took a photo of each egg in its place, just in case.

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