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March 18, 2018


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*hugs* I haven't experienced my own teenager yet but am all too familiar with substance abuse.

I know well the feeling of life being unbloggable.

Honesty is a virtue. Silence is the only alternative sometimes.

Sigh... I'm sorry you're feeling like this about blogging and the unbloggable situations. :-(

And Jody literally had to quit blogging out of respect for her children's privacy. I miss her blog!

Thanks for still being around, Jamie, even though it's hard to "blog around" the issues on your head. I guess that is often the reason why I don't blog more often. Not even that I can't blog about certain things, but I already drove ALL my readers away by simply being me, if I talk to much about things that are bothering me (e.g. academia) it will just be annoying for the two readers I have left. Sigh... But I still comment and write too much.

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