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March 05, 2018


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I recently finished this book too, and I liked it very much. I found so much of it highly relatable, on several levels ... just one: I, too, suffer from cerebellar ataxia (mine, from a brain tumor in my cerebellum) and I found her desciptions of what it's like to live with this spot-on. It can be such an invisible disability (i.e. as she writes, don't talk to me whilst I am attempting to navigate a doorway, as doing so increases the confusing sensory input to the point where I can't do anything, anything, at all). Even when I've explained and explained, so many folks just don't understand (to whit: no, I can't shake hands at the peace, it knocks me off balance, and yet every Sunday I have to smile and explain, again, to the same people). In any case! Excellent book, highly recommended.

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