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March 08, 2018


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100% American, missed 4 on the British. I knew face-flannel, but had never seen it alone. What the check is a gilet, anyway?

That's what the HECK. Who knew autocorrect was so prissy??!!

I'm Dick van Dyke on the British. :-/
But at least I'm an American!

I have been finding those stinkbugs EVERYWHERE. Took our extra table leaf out and they're in the crevices under the table top. They're in my crafting supplies, my husband's yarn stash, my kid's toy box, my books (MY BOOKS).

American as can be, though I had to guess what Parchesi was.

Dick Van Dyke on the Brits, but I'm vegetably bilingual, so I knew the courgette.

Perfect score on the American, but only 5 for 10 on the British. I'm unpleasantly surprised - I've consumed enough British media that I feel like I should have done better than that, but I really didn't know the ones I missed.

10/10 Yankee Doodle Dandy on the American and 4/10 Dick Van Dyke fake Brit. ;)

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