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March 10, 2018


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I'm very familiar with the song, Breathe.

This reminds me of my very first Holy Communion. There I was a second grader, all decked out, white dress, veil, gloves. We had been preparing a very long time for this. We reverently went in, heads bowed, hands together prayerfully, conducting ourselves as we had been instructed for this occasion.

Now it was time to receive for the first time. Out my tongue went after my Amen. No chewing, no letting it touch your teeth (much). After dissolving a bit, I swallow. Didn't go down. I try again and gag. Oh, boy, I'm in trouble. I try again and now I'm gagging quite audibly and my eyes are starting to water. A kindly older nun came over to me, one hand on my back and one hand out toward me, palm up. I basically horked it into her offered palm and she promptly ate it. I am quite certain she is now in one of our Father's most beautiful rooms.

Not long after I had to have my tonsils removed and it became clear why this was such a problem for me: the doctor reported that my tonsils "were the size of golf balls!".

When it came time for my own sons to receive, I made sure they would have some practice hosts!

Oh, these stories! I'm sorry for both of you! Never had that happen, but dropped a Host once and Jesus rolled halfway down the aisle! THAT was awkward.

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