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March 16, 2018


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awww... that was so beautiful!

It's nice to go through the drafts folder once in a while, isn't it? I should blog daily at least once this year, and perhaps not in November, which is such a busy month. I should have done February.

and, about marriage an our flaws. It seems to me that the longer we're married, the more we (intentionally or unintentionally) can do or say hurtful things to each other. I hate that in myself. OTOH, I refrained from discussing one particularly cruel remark of my husband from maybe nearly two years ago until very recently, when I could talk about it without any bitterness, just a hint of sadness. It's easier to forgive too. And to keep on loving, in spite of all the flaws being so evident and so quick to hurt. Sigh... It's hard to realize we're so human and fail so much still.

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