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March 25, 2018


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Very delightful! I wish the month of March would never end and I'd always have a daily post from you. Maybe I'll try to do this, to at least post as much as you do in April. ;-) Just to have some kind of motivation.

What a lovely day! I have that extra room dream, too. I always wake up a little disappointed that we don't actually have that secret room, or cool, finished attic space. :)

I've dreamt of finding secret rooms in other people's homes.

I have frequent dreams of my parent's home and living with them but they always live in mansions.

I also have had quite a few dreams of the mansion that the Kinraides live in - totally fictional, huge, and I love their fabulous dining room and backyard ampitheatre.

I have never dreamt of living in any of my homes as an adult.

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