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March 17, 2018


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This sounds a lot like us, except slightly different forms of nerdiness. Cf. today on road trip, bereft of internet, we decided to estimate how much combustion energy was in a coal car for fun, and look it up later to see how close we cane.

Just today my 18yo was trying to help my 12yo estimate the amount of heat energy that must dissipate to turn freshly made hot tea into iced tea. Geek fist bump!

My spouse can’t sleep with any sort of ambient light, so I spent 2.5 hours in the bathtub last night reading The War I Finally Won from start to finish. I thought The War that Saved My Life was good but the sequel takes the story to new heights. If you and the 9yo haven’t read them yet, get on that.

While I am a fan of paper books, and will NOT go quietly into the electronic night...I have also become a fan of reading on my Nook in bed. (And the Nook has allowed me to check books out electronically in a way that's led me to read a bunch of stuff that I might not have). And I think it comes down to this:

My husband is an early bird. I'm a night owl working an early bird schedule, and adjusting. But I need more time at night to wind down than he does...but I also tend to start my wind down later, what with school planning and grading and such. We both like to read before bed to wind down, and we prefer to do so near each other. But right when he's ready to turn the light out, I'm wailing, "But I just GOT here."

Meanwhile, the Nook has this handy setting that lets me turn it to "night" -- black screen, white print -- which lets us turn the light off for him, but lets me keep reading a little longer, without keeping him up...and without my having to take my winding down self to the couch.

Which is less companionable.

Which is also near the kitchen.

So, who knew? The Nook turns out to be potentially good for my marriage and my BMI.

I did that puzzle in the WSJ, and I finished it too, although I had to copy the grid over on graph paper and start again. I don't know why I persist in trying to work difficult newspaper puzzles in pen.

I had to google Muhammad Ali's daughter. It's Laila.

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