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February 06, 2018


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Every time you talk about Whole30, I want in on that action. As not-the-primary-food-preparer in our household though, I shy away. But I should probably get over that and try at least once....

I find it so interesting that it makes a productivity difference for you. I've done (and am in the middle of doing, again) the Whole Life Challenge, which is somewhat similar to Whole30. I will have to see if I feel more productive by the end. What I notice, usually, is that the getting-out-of-bed and going-up-stairs aches and pains disappear.

I have done the Whole 30 once. I started a few days before Halloween. On day one I was packing up goodie boxes for my college sons and I was salivating. I almost ate some with the thought of starting the next day. I held fast and taped up the boxes. Five days into the Whole 30 was Halloween. The same stuff that had me nearly giving in now had absolutely no effect. As I put the candy in a big bowl for trick or treaters, I could have been handling marbles. For me, this is big since my brain cannot register the phrase "too sweet." When I hear someone say, "This is too sweet for me," it's a feeling I have never had.

I had tons of energy, restful sleep, no aches or pains getting up, and my chiropractor said working on me was easier. I also swear my eyesight was better. Almost 10 lbs fell off.

Having said all this I just cannot do it again. I've tried twice. I want to do it again. I guess I have to just make it happen.

Your description of not being the most understanding version of yourself -- the annoyance at things taking for-freaking-ever -- is the *exact* feeling I have when I take Adderall, get to working on a project, and then have to stop that project to focus on something else (like, my kid, or really anything unrelated). The feeling is "Why are you interrupting my flow? I finally have a flow!"

So...congrats on figuring out a natural alternative to amphetamine? If the Whole30 did that for me, I might do it all the time and be a weirdo Paleo freak.

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