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January 31, 2018


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Crying of Laughter emoji here! LOL ;-)

This is funny! Glad to hear you have a backup player and singer, though, in spite of the fact it is not Tim McGraw!

Tim on backup would get the newbies to stay, I bet, though...! (Along with your lovely-I'm-sure lead vocals!)

I had to look up Alpha when you posted about it the other day. Very interesting concept; I'd never heard of it.

Ha! I live in New England, and a few years ago a student at the college where I work told me, with a questioning air, that she was looking for "Tom Brady's" office. Luckily, I realized pretty quickly that she must have misheard: we have a professor whose name is very similar to that. But outside of that, he is *not* similar to the Patriots quarterback (different age range, different build, very different personality), so it made a funny story for the department meeting (he was there and, no pun intended, took it like a good sport).

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