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January 19, 2018


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I also had delicious celeriac at the end of a good day yesterday! But it was at a restaurant. I’m unlikely to duplicate the celery root pavé with porcini cream, figs, and toasted hazelnut I had while out—but maybe you would share your recipe?

I didn't realize you're also a flutist! Hooray!

My one regret about the flute is that I can't play it and sing at the same time. ;-) If I had it to do over again, I'd still be a flutist, but I'd also be sure to pick up an accompanying instrument of some sort. (I have a guitar, and I did learn to play enough during grad school, with my Newman Center music ministry friends, to join in for fun or even pinch hit at Mass if we chose music carefully -- but I was never fully confident on my own.)

Back then, when I was playing flute every Sunday, I'd sometimes help in rehearsal by playing voice parts for altos or tenors...or basses -- but the brain is a fascinating thing. I can read/play bass clef just fine, but the moment I'm reading bass clef while playing flute, my brain rebels and flips all the notes. Sit me down to plonk the same line at the piano, and I'm fine. (I'm not a pianist either; I dabble.) But pick up the flute, and it's like, ugh, I KNOW what the note is, but...brains are funny.

Sounds like a lovely day, altogether. =)

I really liked reading this post. Such a nice description of an ordinary and lovely day.

And congrats on the good news about the Heartbreak Paper! =)

Thanks for the lovely, 'your hear is singing' cheerful post, I needed to read something like this. I'm very happy for your paper. However, I'm about to spoil all the good feelings I got reading your post by writing about flutes... Sigh... I'm sorry. I am a "Debbie Downer." Sigh... but I love your cheerfulness and I wish it could really rub on me, but you'll see why thinking about the flute doesn't make me happy.

I play the flute too!!! (I mean, I played regularly from August of 1986 - to almost 1996, nearly 10 years, and I was getting pretty good, I mean, getting a good sound from it). I brought my old, Armstrong flute, which my dad had bought used in 1986 here in the U.S. with me from Brazil, but it wasn't a good instrument.

Back in 2008 I had my mom, with help of my flutist sister-in-law who lived in China, pick up a brand new Yamaha for me in Hong Kong -- apparently it would be cheaper there. It cost about 900 dollars and it has a silver plated mouthpiece, so it is a GOOD flute.

That was NOT a good "investment" at all. I don't ever play (I did play a few times in church when I lived in Philly) and the few times I did recently -- particularly back in 2016 at my friend's wedding -- the experience convinced me that I am VERY BAD and that I should not ever play in public again. Because I don't have any reason to practice in order to perform ok... and... I did try to practice, but it still wasn't good. So, yeah... I should try to join a music group or something, but in our church/community, the musicians are the high school students, I don't feel like joining them... (even though my sound is better than some of their flutists). Sigh...

I meant to say "your HEART is singing"

So much flute love! I bought a used flute in adulthood (about 5 years ago or so), because I'd always wanted one, and I had so much fun playing it for a few weeks. And then I stopped because kids/work/life. My husband totally makes fun of me for that purchase but I'm telling you, when I retire, watch out.

I want to hear more about your flute! I'm still playing my 1989 Armstrong. The guy I take it to for fixing tells me it's actually in great shape but I like to hear about others' fantastic finds.

I played flute in church in college and grad school. The music at our church ranges from decent to abysmal and they are looking for more people. I can't sing and I was thinking I'd volunteer to play flute, but the fact is that me volunteering is not going to fix the issue, which is that they need more singers and/or groups to do the music, not an accompanying instrument that I feel like is just decoration (as you said, melody or sometimes a nice descant if you're lucky). Maybe I'm wrong, though.

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