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January 20, 2018


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I *have* duck fat in my fridge.

these potatoes from Nigella sound AMAZING!! SERIOUSLY! I need to make them RIGHT NOW! Except that I don't have six pounds of potatoes. OK, WHICH kind of potatoes? Russet or Idaho? Regular red or yellow?

Thanks for these recipes and recommendations!

When I was hosting Thanksgiving for my family, we went through 10lbs of potatoes easily, in mashed potatoes (with dairy and vegan varieties). I could see needing 10-12 lbs of those roasted ones for a special occasion. I've done the shaking (but without the flour) for some roasted potatoes in the past - will have to try the larger chunks and flour.

Do you think bacon fat would work for the Nigella recipe? I have never used anything but olive oil for roasting....which is probably for the best, long-term, but for a special occasion.....!!!

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