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January 09, 2018


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very interesting! we have a crowding problem with child #2, but it is mostly on the top. any idea if they make the equivalent for the top arch?

never heard of this! We're "in between phases" of braces for Kid #1. He had them for a year and supposedly needs them again in high school. And YES, I agree about the PTO. SO many stupid appointments.

Google suggests that they're an option for the upper teeth as well.

So I had the extraction+braces situation when I was a kid because I had a crowding problem. Well, apparently if you do that, you are more prone to needing braces again as an adult so this should be avoided at all costs. My orthodontist (SPOILER ALERT I was one of the ones that needed braces a second time! Not because of how they looked but because of the TMJ pain) tells me they try to avoid the extraction route at all costs these days because of this. So there you go, don't do the extraction.

Please tell me which professional installed this magical device!

My younger daughter had two phase braces due to crowding. Phase 1 started with a palate expander followed by braces for 1 year. Phase 2 was a full mouth of metal in middle school. Now she has a permanent retainer on her lower front teeth - probably a version of a lower lingual arch. She had terrible crowding but lost no adult teeth in her orthodontial adventures.

My niece has inherited the same narrow jaw and big teeth and is facing braces - she just turned 10 so time is of the essence!

Wow. We are starting the orthodontic adventure. Daughter #1 has a bit of crowding, especially in the lower jaw, but it is uncomplicated. Still, they want over 5K! Daughter #2's mouth is a hot mess. They promise at least two rounds of braces. It is stupidly expensive.

Have financed the orthodontist's M-Series twice over, probably. Fortunately, my 9yo son seems to have escaped unscathed, and 7yo who had bizarre baby teeth issues seems to have only baby teeth issues and no jaw problems, and so we will only have to do ONE ROUND OF BRACES this time. Hoping the two youngest boys follow in the jawsteps of their brother and not their sisters.

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