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January 15, 2018


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Oh dear, you have such a way to leave us hanging, don't you? Lucky me, I know NOTHING about knitting.

I'm sorry about the bitter cold there, the cold here can't compare, so I feel relieved to live here.

I truly enjoyed all your tales of back to school anxiety dreams, I've had many many of them. Hopefully not tonight or tomorrow (we start on Wednesday and NO, I haven't updated my syllabus yet. But the gradebook in the online course site is perfectly set out -- something that's never happened before, I believe). Let's hope this will be a good omen!

OH, the school anxiety dreams. Some of my best happened in college, then even better ones in grad school...and even they are topped by the ones I've had as a teacher.

The grad school one in which I was supposed to be DOING all the assignments along with my students, and I didn't, because I didn't know...and they found out, and they were not happy.

The somewhat retro one, a little out of nowhere, in which I was a student again, and somehow had just completely neglected to go to math class for my entire senior year.

My most recent favorite -- the one in which I go in to work early, a few days before the start of our fall term, thinking I'll put my room in order, make some copies, ease in. I show up and the place is CRAWLING with students. They're everywhere. I've never seen so many students. You can't get through the lobby. My boss sees me and cries out, "They're waiting for you upstairs! Here's your schedule!" and stuffs a piece of paper into my hands. I'm speechless. I fight my way upstairs to my room, to my door, finally manage to look down at my schedule...and it's complete gibberish. It says nothing in any language ever spoken by humans or aliens or Orcs on this planet, ever. I look up in terror, at a room full of students, who are apparently SOME class of mine...and then I wake up.

GAH. I've never had vampires, though.

Have a good term! (Spring, hah.)

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