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January 03, 2018


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If you try the pumpkin preserves, we need a report! Because of your exact questions -- how is it made? Does it taste like sunshine? Or death march? Anne Shirley does not lie.

I guess I always assumed it was like pumpkin-in-a-can but now I see I was wrong about that.

My grandmother used to make watermelon rind preserves. I'll give them a resounding "meh." Which is also how I felt about Turkish Delight.

I wanted to eat everything Laura described in the Little House books.

There's a Little House cookbook, as I wouldn't be surprised if you already know (it's been around for a while). Almost twenty years ago a friend and I cooked something out of it...but what it was, I cannot now recall. I seem to remember that it was good, though not great.

I feel like these things always end in disappointment (I'm looking at you, Turkish Delight). But I'll look forward to your review. Over break I was pretty wowed by The Better Cheddar, a specialty food store in Kansas City. The cheeses there were amazing--Gjetost was a favorite (caramelized brown cheese from Norway), as were some savory ones that incorporated mustard seeds or various forms of peppers....Mmmmm, cheese shops.....

OK, what kind of pumpkin preserves are you imagining? Because I grew up with several kinds in Brazil. There's pumpkin "jam", but that by itself is not great, then, there's this other pumpkin jam or preserves with shredded coconut that is delicious!

Now, my favorite was one in which you had to cut the pumpkin in bite-sized pieces which were then briefly put in water laced with something I don't know how to translate and which sounds kind of a dangerous non-food item (ok, it's lime or I guess technically calcium hydroxide). This brief bath in lime, would then be followed by cooking in a syrup (spiced with cloves) and the ensuing pumpkin preserves would be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. A true delicacy. I could easily ask my mom to bring a couple of jars from Brazil next April and mail one to you!

Hee! I laugh because I’m a New Orleanian (by marriage) and our homeschool group just went to the Bunny Bread factory on a field trip!!

Looks like I’m not the only one who tried Turkish Delight and was underwhelmed. I’d love to hear what Pumpkin Preserves taste like!

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