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December 20, 2017


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I am UTTERLY OUTRAGED by the GALL of a neighbor throwing YOUR CHILD a birthday party without talking to you about it. Or even WITH talking to you about it. I have never heard of anything so outrageous in the whole of my life!! There are so many things wrong with that ... that ... I genuinely cannot even process it all. This is intrusive to the point that clearly even gritted-teeth outward courtesy is too much to ask. Bless your heart. I'm appalled for you.

S-INM is giving me palpitations. Can we dox her?

Wrinkle #1: Oh HELL no.

You did say no, right?

She still hasn't talked to me about it. I expect to see her at school pickup, where I will tell her very pleasantly that we have plans all day Saturday.

S-INM, put into a novel, would be too bizarre for Charles Dickens. A sort of Inside-Out Mrs. Jellyby, on steroids. Mrs. Jellybusybody, perhaps?

Five minutes after reading your post, I'm sitting here, blinking.

blink. re-read paragraph about S-INM. blink. Surely that isn't what it said. Re-read again. No way.

Re-re-read and now I'm angry...

who. even. does. that???? What gall.

Excuse my while I scrape my jaw off the floor.

I admire your determination to be pleasant with this woman, at least in public, but this crosses a line. I think I'd very firmly let her know that she has no business entertaining thoughts like this because she very clearly has no idea what your family life is like. And maybe this is a conversation you and your husband need to have with this woman and her husband, because a) then someone else is aware of the extent of her fantasies and b) it's not okay for your 8-year-old to have to deal with her delusions. Reinforcements might help with this conversation.

Count me in with everyone else about the neighbor mom. That's a special kind of boundary-crushing stupid. Please update us on your conversation.

Your neighbor did what?!?!

In my fantasy life, I wouldn't say one word to that woman and when she informed me when to arrive, I'd mutely blink, as if I didn't hear, walk away, and then just not arrive.

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