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December 05, 2017


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hahahahha!! I'm laughing and laughing over here and of course I have to type "haha..." instead of LOL. ;-) or ROTFL

And on the other hand I'm going YIKES!!! NO!!! Please NO!! Don't let this happen to me!! ;-)

Ha - remember the squirrel infestation at NU Press and the one we found climbing around in the closet?

But I know, it's really NOT funny when it's your own house! My husband just rid us of a mouse this morning. : |

Sometimes people just don't have the same sense of humor. Unfortunate for them, don't you think?

How is it going? I want an update!

*I* would have totally gotten your Edna Mode channelling. ;-)

(But alas, I wouldn't be of any help with the mice or voles. Nor rats either, but that's OK, because you have none. NO RATS!)

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