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December 16, 2017


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Bad things that happened before better regulations were put in place: thalidomide for morning sickness, DEET sprayed everywhere, lead in toys...this list could go on and on and on.

Yet, there are plenty of bogus regulations too. One of our friends is looking at over 5 million dollars in fleet replacement costs in the next few years to buy trucks that still don’t exist but are required in CA by 2025. My husband’s hobby is constantly getting new regulations which do nothing to increase safety (which he would like) but only seem to line the pockets of governmental agencies or manufacturers who may be lobbying for the regulations in the first place.
The problem is that we’ve lost the ability to speak in nuanced language. Rolling back regulations doesn’t have to mean getting rid of seat belts or the EPA, but unfortunately neither side is communicating with any thought as to what will get the most clicks.

I would respectfully suggest that the "banned" words have all become buzz words, or the equivalent. They mean different things to different people, depending on various biases. Nothing I've seen indicates that report writers can't cite evidence and make recommendations based on evidence, only that the shortcut word "evidence-based" is not to be used.
Similar arguments can be made for the other words.

Hmmm... can we hear acceptable synonyms for these words and expressions?

Sigh... for me it’s one more step into control that will take us closer to a dystopian future such as that one described in literary works such as 1884 & The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s also an acknowledgement that some people are afraid of words & the power of words.

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