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December 03, 2017


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Since the Lutherans and the Episcopalians follow the same liturgical calendar, I think Luther would approve.

Do you guys have the month of the dead ending with the feast of Christ the King? I knew we shared an Advent schedule, but I thought our Novembers diverged.

We start November with All Saints Day and end with Christ the King. We don’t do Saints days as a rule, although the biggies are all still listed with readings and a prayer at the front of the hymnal, so maybe that’s where November splits? Our other Sundays are just those last Sundays in Pentecost, with the green paraments.

What Jody said. We do All Saints and then have Christ the King right before Advent. I've been a lay preacher on Christ the King twice. I think our last rector didn't like preaching it.:)

The major difference, if you're only looking at Sundays, is Ordinary Time vs. Pentecost all the way to Advent.

Here’s a graphic of the be Lutheran liturgical year: https://goo.gl/images/KzgBDE

We use the Revised Common lectionary for the readings, and the entire list (including the related M-Sa readings) are included in the hymnal.

After I posted that, I saw they left off Christ the King. The calendar wheel we have a church has that included (it’s a Red day).

I wrote my one lone rec letter today.

<3 your post

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