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November 28, 2017


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I wish I lived closer, I'd go to Chicago with you!

My question is, what are these people doing for the next four weeks??

At first I thought you meant you were ready for Moshiach.

You can drive here and I’ll take you instead of John! We have tickets for this Saturday night. It’s technically advent, even! I mean I’m sure you have nothing going on this weekend. You should do it. It makes way less sense than driving to Chicago. Do it.

My choir is singing it on the 9th -- I'll get you a ticket if you can make it to Vancouver ;)

My choir is doing it tonight and tomorrow, but I think we're too far from Gladlyville for that to help. I'll think of you from the soprano section!

I'm actually in pre-concert twitch mode right now. Twitchier. Because I'm one of the leaders of the logistical/management part of things. All the big pieces are in place, and anything else is detail (and there's very little I can do to change anything now!). But the details are the bow on the package, and the piece that can make the difference between your audience loving every moment, or feeling like there were rough spots in how we took care of them. So, yeah. Details.

But dress rehearsal was the other night, and some of us were chatting about how we wait two years (we do Messiah evrey other year) for things like...

...those five trumpet notes in the "King of Kings...and Lord of Lords." (Heck, the whole bass/trumpet conversation at The Trumpet Shall Sound.") Our trumpeter is a wonderful local guy, which makes it that much more awesome.

...that moment at the end of All We Like Sheep when the sheep realize what they've actually done, and the weight of it sinks down, down, down on them.

...that turn (rehearsal letter D! in the Schirmer!) in He Trusted in God...when the orchestra darkens, and the altos come in from below (just before the tenors laugh at Him). From that moment, the crowd is no longer angry, no longer amused, or even contemptuous: now they are full of hate. They have abandoned Him, and He is lost. (The first time that hit me, I nearly came unglued and missed the soprano entrance.)

...the end of the Amen, when the parts swirl around, and you could actually get a little lost in it: I wait two years for that moment. And then our director cuts us off before the final cadence, and the silence rings...and 140 singers quiver at the end of her baton...and the world stops for a long (too short) moment, and then she brings us all back together to declare the Amen.

It KILLS me. And saves my life, a little.

Every year, I try to make sure I take a deep breath and detach from all the other stuff, so I don't miss those things when they come. I'm hoping my son will hear some of them when he comes on Sunday. =)

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